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Intellectual property law

Nowadays, the objects of intellectual property law (commercial names, trade marks, software programs, industrial designs, inventions, utility models) are gaining more significance, and they are sometimes becoming the major capital factor of a company. Therefore, issues of independent legal protection of the right to intellectual property of these objects is becoming more and more topical.

Our experts provide our clients with a wide range of legal assistance in the sphere of intellectual property law including the administrative and judicial protection of violated rights.

The main types of legal assistance provided by the practice of intellectual property law include the following:

  • elaboration of strategies and outlining optimal ways of legal protection and defense, the objects of intellectual property law owned by a company;
  • legal supervision of preparation and conclusion of license agreements, contracts about the transfer of intellectual property rights, commercial concession contracts (franchise agreements), agreements of order to create objects of intellectual property law and others;
  • consulting about the registration of objects of intellectual property law;
  • preparation, submission and supervision of applications to register objects of intellectual property law (trade marks, industrial samples, inventions, utility models);
  • support, prolongation and termination of the certificates of goods and services marks, as well as patents on inventions, utility models, industrial designs;
  • administrative and judicial defense of the rights to intellectual property during the settlement of disputes which arise as a result of acquisition, purchase and use of the rights to objects of intellectual property, as well as the disputes connected with their violation.



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