Labour law

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Labour law

Labour legislation in Ukraine is rather complicated and controversial, and, due to its archaic nature, it quite often does not properly regulate relations between the employer and workers. The absence of proper regulation of these relations becomes the reason for numerous labour disputes. Thus, a proper paperwork and clear regulation of labour relations coincides with both employer’s and employees’ interests.

The experts of our company have deep knowledge in the sphere of labour law and its application, which enables them to give our clients legal advice about any segment of labour relations. Our experts have participated in labour dispute settlement on numerous occasions both judicially and extrajudicially  and gained the experience in representation of both employer’s and employees’ interest.

Furthermore, we provide a complete legal supervision of proper independent paperwork, the normative legal regulation of labour relations at an enterprise.

The main types of legal assistance provided by labour law practice include the following:

  • elaboration of human resources paperwork;
  • drafting labour agreements and contracts with workers and managing personnel;
  • drafting and registration of collective labour contracts, inner-office regulations, regulations about confidential information and other local normative acts;
  • elaboration of schedules of commercial secret and rights to intellectual property which is created during fulfilling work duties;
  • drafting contracts of personal data protection and analysis of other documentation in conformity to the personal data protection laws;
  • drawing up draft orders, instructions and other acts of company’s authorities;
  • assistance with employment of foreign citizens and obtaining a work permit, registration of foreign citizens in migration bodies;
  • consulting about labour protection, payment of labour, incentive payments, insurance and pension charge, social privileges;
  • representation during the settlement of labour disputes;
  • legal supervision and representation of interests in judicial bodies during the settlement of individual and collective labour disputes.