Family law

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Family law

Legal regulation of family relations has always been a sensitive issue. Such situation is explained by the fact that during family conflict settlement not only legal norms should be applied, but other aspects of ethical and moral nature are to be considered.

Our experts have substantial experience in family dispute settlement considered both in court and out-of-court. While resolving such conflicts, our first and foremost goal is to minimize moral losses of our clients and minimize possible negative economic consequences that may arise.

The main types of legal assistance provided by family law practice include the following:

  • preparation and representation of client’s interests when concluding a prenuptial agreement;
  • legal supervision of dissolution of marriage cases, annulment of marriage;
  • legal consultancy of division of marital property both in the court order and by agreement of the parties;
  • supervision of the cases of establishing minor children residence, the issue of communication with the other parent, who lives separately, as well as the issues of child’s upbringing and alimony;
  • legal supervision of the cases about permission the child to travel abroad;
  • legal assistance establishing alimony;
  • supervision of termination of parental rights;
  • legal supervision of adoption and termination of adoption;
  • supervision of the cases about establishing (disproof) parenthood.