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The company’s attorney successfully defended the client’s interests in a derivative lawsuit

The company’s attorney, Yaroslav Hasiak, successfully defended the client’s interests in a dispute over a lawsuit by a member of a limited liability company, filed on behalf of the company, with a demand for compensation for losses caused to the company by the former manager in the amount of about UAH 1.5 million.

Having considered the specified case, the Commercial Court of the Lviv region satisfied the claims in full, with which the Western Appellate Commercial Court also agreed. The Supreme Court as part of the Commercial Court of Cassation listened to the arguments of the cassation appeal prepared by the company’s attorney and annulled both court decisions, sending the case materials for a new consideration to the Commercial Court of Lviv region.

According to the result of a new trial, the court, taking into account the conclusions of the Supreme Court, made a decision to refuse to satisfy the claims, which was left unchanged after filing an appeal. Thus, the client of the company received a court decision, which stated that his actions did not constitute a criminal offense and caused damage to the company of which he was the head.