The company’s lawyers took part in the All-Ukrainian forum on corporate and legal security

On August 9, 2019, the company’s lawyers Arsen Astashkin, Taras Seniv and Vasyl Grynchuk took part in the All-Ukrainian Forum on Corporate Legal Security.

During the forum, in order to exchange experience, the participants discussed a number of topical issues, in particular: corporate espionage and forensics; corporate crimes; dossier on a counterparty or competitor, which should be taken into account; phantom counterparties, how to be safe; corporate conflicts and their impact on business; business structuring as one of the ways of protection; protection of intellectual property as one of the ways to protect business; mobbing at the enterprise; inspections, searches and raids as a direct threat to business security; legal status of private detectives; whether publicity helps to protect the business; personnel migration, as far as it is safe for business; intelligence analytics in the system of law enforcement agencies, how it threatens business.